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These are hopefully organized in order of usefulness for applications and understandability.

Nolan, J.P.,  Stable Distributions, Models for Heavy Tailed Data, Birkhauser, (?).
This is not yet published, but chapter 1 is available online and provides a good introduction to stable distributions.  There is a great deal of other information on this site which is the best starting place for stable distributions.

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John Nolan maintains an extensive Stable Bibliography which is on line: StableBibliography.pdf.
A few other papers that may be referenced on the web site or are classical are below.

Mandelbrot, B. (1963). The Variation of Certain Speculative Prices, J.Business, 36, 394-419.
The article is reprinted with comments in:
Mandelbrot, B.(1997). Fractals and Scaling in Finance, Discontinuity Concentration, Risk,  Springer, 1997.

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Smith, E., Farmer, J.D., Gillemot, L., Krishnamurthy, S., Statistical theory of the continuous double auction, Quantitative Finance, 3, 481-514.  Farmer's web site has many useful references.

Rimmer, R., Nolan, J.P.(2005)  Stable Distributions in Mathematica. The Mathematica Journal 9(4) : 776-789.
This paper describes an earlier version of StableM.

J. P. Nolan, Numerical Calculation of Stable Densities and Distribution Functions, Communications in Statistics-Stochastic Models, 13(4), 1997 pp. 759–774.

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Reed, W. J. The normal-Laplace distribution and its relatives.  To appear Birkhauser.  This and a number of papers on the the Pareto - log normal distribution are available on Dr. Reed's website.  These distributions will likelly become important in the structure of limit order books and they provide an explanation for the evolution of power tail distribuitons in finance.  Sums of power tail random variables have as their limit stable distributions when the tail exponent is less than two.

Limpert, E., Stahel, W., Abbt, M., "Log-normal Distributions across the Sciences: Keys and Clues." BioScience 51: 5 May (2001) p. 341.  Available at:

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