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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I know the answer is right?

For deterministic models, the math is right if the mathematics are performed correctly. Using the custom Mathematica notebooks provided at mathestate improves the possibility that the math is right because Mathematica won't have it otherwise. In the case of probalistic tools involving data, you never know for certain. Probability implies "right" only to some degree. All forecasting involves error. But the "answer" you seek is the business decision.

The right question to ask is: How do I know the answer is as accurate as possible? As always, the GIGO rule applies. The better your data, the better your model, the more likely the information derived from the data analysis is valuable.

2. Is this process cost effective?

It is cost effective if the answers you obtain lead you to making better decisions. You can improve the effectiveness by using accurate data. The more accurate the database, the better the responses.

3. How can I get more specific answers?

In the Support section the developer of the Financial Tools is happy to answer queries which will then be posted to mathestate pages for others to see. The goal is to make mathestate a forum for thinking about sophisticated risk analysis.