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2004 Presidential Election

This data set is taken from the Iowa Electronic Markets  for the trading of the winner take all Republican presidential futures for 2004.  The contract was on September 21, 2004, was split into a win with greater or less than 52% of the vote.  The sub contracts were added together to get the expected price for a win.  The Democratic party futures are also traded, but the two sets are complementary and generally add to 1.0.  The market ran twenty-four hours a day as a continuous double auction, the prices in the data set are the last price of the day.

Graphics:Republican Win Election Futures Closing Price Tue 1 Jun 2004 -  Mon 1 Nov 2004

Below is a plot of the daily logarithmic returns.  The data set is small, only 153 returns, but we attempt a stable fit.

Graphics:Log Returns

Stable Parameters
{1.44694, -0.365812, 0.0111624, -0.00229712}


Although the data set is small, the log - log fit suggests that the stable model may be useful.

Graphics:Log Log Left Tail Blue, Right Red, (Normal Green)


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