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mathestate is the result of 40 years of informal work in the field and ten years of formal study of risk management. Three compelling realities culminated in the creation of mathestate:

  1. Investors, relying on others for their data, have become used to modeling their world with static, linear models.
  2. The real world is dynamic and non-linear, requiring an appeal to higher mathematics.
  3. The internet offers an excellent delivery system for sophisticated tools that require minimum technical background of the user.

The mathematics of uncertainty, known as probability, has been around for centuries. Their progeny, statistics, may be seen as decision making under conditions of uncertainty. The proper use of these powerful laws and tools require large amounts of data, something only recently available to investors.

mathestate takes the practical, common sense values of the seasoned practitioner and combines them with large data sets and powerful symbolic mathematical software. The result is not intended to supplant the "drill down " methods of valuation but to supplement it. If real estate, one should still visit the property, view the neighborhood, and perform a rent survey. If financial assets, one should review accounting information and perform the usual ratio analysis and other industry accepted tests. But when these are all done, reconciliation with data adds information that cannot be obtained in the field. Simply stated, if you let the numbers talk to you, the decision you make improves because the data tells you things you cannot see through your windshield or in your spreadsheets.

mathestate provides the tools to do just that.